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Repair services

Door locks and handles repair service

Dedicated property repairs and maintenance services are hard to come by. However, in Winnipeg, you have us to take care of all your door handle replacements.

Door lock and handle repairs

Unlock peace of mind with our expert door lock and handle repair services.

Trust us to swiftly restore security and functionality to your doors. Whether it’s a stubborn lock or a loose handle, we’ve got you covered with our skilled technicians and top-notch solutions.

We take pride in delivering reliable repairs that ensure the safety of your home – because your peace of mind is our priority.

Our service includes

Door lock replacement and repair

When it comes to maintaining the security and functionality of your property, door lock replacement play a pivotal role. A malfunctioning or broken lock can be a major inconvenience, compromising both the safety of your premises and peace of mind.

We skillfully identify the root cause of any lock problem, whether it be mechanical failure or damage due to wear and tear over time. From loose screws to jammed cylinders or misaligned latch plates. We assess all components involved in securing your doors before recommending appropriate solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

Whether it’s a minor repair job or complete door lock replacement, we guarantee comprehensive repairs but also ensures long-lasting results.

Door handle replacement and repair

Door handle replacement is a crucial aspect of maintaining the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any property. Whether it is a residential or commercial space,  a proper door handle ensures easy access and securityto a building.

When faced with issues like loose handles, stiff mechanisms, or broken parts, seeking professional assistance promptly becomes imperative to avoid further damage and inconvenience. We meticulously diagnose the problem, whether it be worn-out springs, damaged hinges, or malfunctioning locksets.

In cases where repair is not feasible due to irreparable damage or extensive wear and tear over time, we will undertake the door handle replacement tasks as well.

door handle replacement

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You never know when you might need to place an urgent call for building residential property maintenance and repairs. That’s why our business is open around the clock. You can call Canopy mgmt anytime you want and request an on-site visit.