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Exterior services

Deck and fence repair service

Dedicated property repairs and maintenance services are hard to come by. However, in Winnipeg, you have us to take care of all your repair and maintenance needs.

Deck and Fence repairs

Revitalize your outdoor oasis with our exceptional deck and fence repair services! As homeowners, you deserve a sturdy and beautiful space to enjoy those sunny days or entertain loved ones.

Our team of skilled experts is here to ensure that your deck and fence are not only restored but also reinforced for long-lasting reliability. With our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, we’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Trust us to bring back the charm and functionality of your outdoor haven – because you deserve nothing less!

Our service includes

Deck Repairs

Deck repairs are essential to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Whether due to natural wear and tear or unforeseen damage, addressing deck issues promptly is crucial to avoid further deterioration. From loose boards and splintered surfaces to weakened support beams. We are able to identify the root cause of any problems accurately.

Also, we take into account safety aspects by assessing railing stability and implementing necessary reinforcements when needed.

Fence Repairs

Whether it’s due to weather damage, wear and tear, or unforeseen accidents, these repairs play a crucial role in restoring the functionality and appearance of a fence. 

From replacing broken boards to realigning leaning sections or securing loose posts. We meticulously assess each component, identifying weak points such as corroded fasteners or compromised structural elements that may compromise the fence’s stability in the long run.

Utilizing specialized tools and techniques, we execute necessary fixes with utmost care and attention to detail while seamlessly blending new materials with existing ones for an impeccable finish.

fence repair

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Canopy mgmt Maintenance Services

You never know when you might need to place an urgent call for building residential property maintenance and repairs. That’s why our business is open around the clock. You can call Canopy mgmt anytime you want and request an on-site visit.